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About Fatdoor

What we're about

Fatdoor is a software platform that harnesses the spirit of community and the power of technology to help neighbors connect locally. Users can safely communicate, share resources, and make use of innovative robotics. It's a neighborhood social network, town square, and bustling village bazaar all in one integrated place.

Fatdoor.com was originally a venture backed company in 2007 that was funded by a CEO of PayPal, and professors in the Stanford University Computer Science department including Dr. Hector Garcia-Molina (Oracle board member) and Dr. Rajiv Motwani, one of the first investors in Google and faculty advisor to Sergey Brin and Larry Page.     The assets of the original Fatdoor sold to Google in 2011.   The current Fatdoor is a self-funded restart with the same name with the original CEO. 

Use Fatdoor to communicate, collaborate, and connect...

  • Rent a room, house, or car to your neighbors.
  • Invite everyone to the awesome block party coming up.
  • Let neighbors know that you found an adorable cat with no nametag in your backyard.
  • Notify nearby folks of a car accident down the street.
  • Have food and other stuff delivered to your door by the Fatdoor Bot Appetit™ (an autonomous delivery vehicle being tested in Palo Alto, national roll-out next year).
  • Record and share the neighborhood baseball game from the air with multiple angles—how cool is that? (Using the Skyteboard™, a web-connected quadcopter, in preorder now).

Redefining Your Neighborhood

Our mission is to use the latest technology to build something refreshingly old-fashioned: strong neighborhoods connected by a shared sense of community and identity.

Whether you're a gadget geek or a tech novice—a user of a gazillion apps or someone who fondly recalls when Kindle was a verb and not a device—you'll find it easy to use Fatdoor's intuitive website and mobile apps to keep track of everything going on in your neighborhood.

How Fatdoor is a Good Neighbor

We believe neighborliness begins at home. That's why we created a blend of services and features that respects your privacy and security while still offering plenty of convenience and fun.

Your Privacy

At Fatdoor, you have complete control over your information. You choose your level of privacy for each post—share with the community or just with verified neighbors. And your home address? That's your business. We never display your address publicly. Instead, we show relative distance away from the places and things you care about.

  • You decide the where, how, and who when it comes to sharing your personal information.
  • We never share your home address with other users or with third-party advertisers. (We hate spam too!)

Your Safety

Whether you're sharing news on the community board, or with a select group of neighbors, you can rest easy knowing that Fatdoor values your security.

  • All neighbors go through address verification.
  • All neighbors use their real names online. (No hiding behind vague handles. Yeah, we're talking to you, sketchyguy85.)
  • Your website is secure with password protection and industry-standard encryption.

How You Can Be a Good Neighbor

The first step to being a good neighbor is to actually meet the people living near you. At Fatdoor our goal is to bridge the gap between the online world and the real world to help neighbors get to know each other in a safe environment. We believe genuine connections create robust communities.

Sure, lending a cup of sugar is nice, but neighborliness goes beyond that. We all learned the Golden Rule way back in kindergarten, but sometimes we need a reminder: treat others the way you want to be treated. Simple, right?

Be Respectful

  • Discuss and debate but don't attack.
  • Contribute to discussions without hijacking the conversation.
  • Communicate privately when the message is only relevant to a small few.
  • Don't use offensive language or post inappropriate content. In other words, don't say anything that would embarrass your mom.

Be Helpful

  • Participate in community discussions.
  • Answer questions and offer friendly advice.
  • Let neighbors know when you have a room, house, car, etc. for rent. They may have family and friends in town.
  • Share your favorite restaurants or other cool local businesses that you like.
  • Pass along important news or fun events.
  • Team up on neighborhood projects.

Be Yourself

  • Use your real, full name. People like to talk to other people, not their user handles.
  • Have a complete profile, including photo. This inspires trust.
  • Sign up just as you. We think it's great if you're part of a couple, family, or business, but our goal is to connect individuals.

Founding Team

Manuel Lopez

Manuel is a co-founder & Robotics engineer at Fatdoor, Inc. Manuel is a Ph.D. candidate from Stanford University in Aeronautics & Astronautics engineering. He is a Department fellowship recipient. Manuel works in the Aerospace Computing Lab of Stanford, where he developed a number of algorithms and solvers related to aeronautical flight control. He is co-president of the Stanford University's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) club, which teaches, builds, and experiments with unmanned aerial vehicles at Stanford University.

Raj Abhyanker

Raj is a co-founder of Fatdoor, Inc. Raj was an electrical engineer at Lockheed Martin, where he developed technologies for optical backbone communication systems for aerial and land based vehicles. Raj is also a trained patent attorney and inventor.

Dongxia Liu

Dongxia is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Fatdoor, Inc. Dongxia is an expert in Internet/software engineering and was the first VP of Engineering at ImageKind/CafePress, a successful ecommerce company (NASDAQ: PRSS). Dongxia is also a co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of Legalforce Trademarkia, a legal technology company offering a large consumer search engine & services.

Jose Luis Ismael Amodio

Jose is a co-founder & Aeronautics engineer of Fatdoor, Inc. Jose holds a Masters in Science in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University, where he focused on linear and non-linear optimization and feedback control design of aircraft. Jose and his team was recognized as creating the best controlled and most aerodynamically-complex plane at the Stanford engineering AA241X competition.

Hairong Lei

Hairong is a co-founder & Principal Engineer/Sr. Manager of Fatdoor, Inc. Hairong has impressive education background in optical Engineering (B.S), Physics (M.S), Computer science (M.S. & Ph.D.), and MBA. Hairong brings over 15 years of experience in progressive roles in Engineering projects at Microsoft, Philips, Abbott Labs, Roka (startup) and Accuray and has successfully delivered eight products. Hairong is an image processing and pattern recognition expert focused on machine learning and software engineering. Hairong Lei is an IEEE Advanced Computing Journal International Committee member, and has been session chairs of the IEEE Computer Science International Conferences.

Jeff Ko

Jeff Ko is a co-founder, and Sr. System/Robotics Engineer for Fatdoor. Jeff has more than 10 years of communications, autonomous vehicle, and robotics experience at UC Berkeley PATH Labs and at Mercedes-Benz. Jeff graduated from UC Berkeley and majored in math and statistics with a minor in computer science.

Rohan Agrawal

Rohan is a co-founder & contributor to the robotics team of Fatdoor, Inc. Rohan is 12 years old, and has been featured on Huffington Post, Mashable, and other major publications as a whiz kid in robotics and engineering.

Ravi Apte

Ravi is a cofounder of Fatdoor and expert iOS and Android developer. Ravi has more than 8 years of software engineering experience spanning across requirements, design, development, testing, deployment & sustaining across multiple product life cycles. Ravi is member of MENSA, and Summa Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. Ravi also holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Bob Nicholson

Bob is a co-founder & Mobile Implementation Lead for Fatdoor, Inc. Bob has consulted with NASA and was a former Senior Engineering Manager of Sun Microsystems, Oracle and SGI. Bob holds a Masters in Computer Engineering from Stanford University.


Invest in world-changing entrepreneurs.

We are currently in final phases of evaluating Series A investment options from leading corporate, strategic, and institutional investors. Please email us at: invest@fatdoor.com